Ecg4me is medical device for self-registration of ECG.



  • ▪ 6 or 12 leads ECG examinations.
  • ▪ Classic automatic ecg conclusion and simple evaluation of examination.
  • ▪ Examinations is registered by small cardio amplifier and automatically transferred to the patient’s personal account and to the doctor’s personal account (Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi connection integrated in device).
  • ▪ Access to examinations account from the phone mobile application or Internet browser.


Ecg4me records resting electrocardiogram (ECG) within 30 seconds from four electrodes on hands and legs. Some versions of the device require connection to additional six chest electrodes to record the standard 12-lead ECG. Ecg4me without a computer or phone transmits ECG to the server from any location where there is a connection to your mobile operator or to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Two reports are automatically created after each patient examinations. First report - ECG with description (Example of first report). The second report is an additional assessment with dispersion mapping method (Example of the second report).


Application of Ecg4me is as simple as arterial blood pressure measurement. See video.

Areas of Ecg4me application

  • ▪ Monitoring of patients after hospital discharge or in hospital
  • ▪ Control of the postoperative recovery of patients
  • ▪ Monitor arrhythmia diseases
  • ▪ Evaluation of effect of prescribed drug therapy
  • ▪ Monitoring recovery of patients after heart attack
  • ▪ Monitoring heart condition of professional and amateur athletes
  • ▪ Monitoring QT and QTс intervals during drug therapy for COVID-19 and during patient’s recovery
  • ▪ Control and prevention of myocarditis in patients recovering from SARS and COVID-19
  • ▪ Registration of ECG studies of the attached population in the FAP and remote monitoring of studies in the Central District Hospital

«Hardware and Firmware System for Heart Screening «Ecg4me» TU 9442-038–17635079-2012» was tested and approved as ready-for-service.

Classification: Class 2b, non-invasive, active device
Type of Medical Device: 024947 Device for screening express assessment of heart condition under ECG signals 215 04 02 13
Conformance to Requirements: TU 9442-038–17635079-2012, GOST R 50444-92, GOST R 50267.0-92, GOST R 50267.0.2-2005, GOST R 50267.0.4-99, GOST R 50267.25-94, GOST R MEK 60601-2-51-2008
Marketing Authorization: No.RZN 2013/778 dated June 28, 2013